I was a User Experience Design intern on the YouTube social team during the Summer of 2017. While I can't share about the feature that I was working on, I can definitely speak to what I learned and the scope of what I was able to do!

The feature I was involved with is a new feature. Half of my project was focused on graphic design work that needed to fit technical requirements. I worked with an engineering intern based in LA to ensure that such requirements were met, while also maintaining brand integrity. The other half of my project was focused on interface design, and I was given the opportunity to collaborate across multiple teams and with designers, project managers, and researchers alike. I went on to build an interactive prototype that was used in a short UX research study.

Throughout the entire project, I also communicated proposals and potential solutions at all milestones of the project through presenting to various groups of stakeholders.

Interested in my overall takeaways? I gave a short presentation on it! 🙂

Watch this space! I'll be sharing my work as soon as the feature is launched!