I believe that it is our role as designers to design honestly, and in the interest of all users on the spectrum ????. I aim to perform well and enjoy the tasks I am given, and always seek to challenge myself.

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Design & Work Experience

Interaction Designer
July 2018 – Present

Currently collaborating with framework engineers and partner teams on our design system, involving audits and documentation, clear communication to different types of audiences, and an ample amount of systems thinking.

User Experience Design Intern
YouTube, Google
June – August 2017

Worked on both the visual design and interface design components of a new feature with the YouTube Social team, collaborating across various teams to produce design assets (statics, animations, prototypes) and appropriate documentation for production.

Junior UX Designer
Grayscale Limited Hong Kong
June – August 2015 & 2016

Took part in the understanding and design phases of multiple projects, including user and competitive research, wireframing, visual design, branding, and various other communication assets.

Multimedia Specialist 
RIT Production Services
September 2015 – May 2018

Participate in the brainstorming and creative direction for video production, which involves research and pre-production work, some aspects of production, asset design, and critique.

RIT NTID Access Services 
August 2014 – May 2018

Contributed to the quality services provided at NTID by taking notes in an organised and uniform format, which are then distributed to the students in the class who requested the service. 

Hong Kong SAR Chinese International School 
Graduation (IBDP) May 2014 
Higher Level Subjects Maths, Physics, Computer Science

New York, US Rochester Institute of Technology 
Graduation 2018, summa cum laude
Major New Media Design and Imaging (BFA, Honours) 
Minor Web Development

Leadership Experience

New Media Club
President (Formerly Vice President, Junior Webmaster)
August 2015 – May 2018

Honours Programme
Honours Mentor, Freshman & Late Entry Sponsor 
August 2015 – May 2016

RIT International Orientation
Peer Advisor Leader 
May – August 2016

International House
August 2014 – August 2016


RIT Founders International Scholarship
Cameros Family NRS Scholarship
2015 Stan McKenzie Endowed Writing Award
2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar
2018 Excellence in Student Life
2018 Legacy Leader


2018 RIT CIAS Undergraduate College Delegate
2018 RIT Convocation Speaker

Skills & Activities


Adobe Suite (Ps, Ai, Ae, XD)
Cinema 4D
Windows Office / Google Drive
Basic IDEs (Notepad, Sublime Text, Brackets)


Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin 


Functional Javascript
Basic Java
Basic C#


Swimming, hiking, illustration, video creation, photography, reading, sleeping, eating