ROLE  Concept, Poster

DURATION  May 2015

A social issues poster series advocating Education for All.

This series of posters was designed for my New Media Design Elements I final project, the subject matter being a selected social issue. I chose to design for the Education for All cause.

00 Motivation

I am a passionate advocate for Education for All / equality in having an education, especially having volunteered for the cause previously. Thus, I decided to go back to the roots, and thought about an object symbolic of school (pencil), something that restricts or that noone would touch willingly (barbed wire), and a medium (traditional ink drawing + digital art).

01 Sketches

I began with a "barrier" built out of writing utensils, then to a less cluttered iteration of a hand with no pencil, the last of which resembles the final solution the closest.

When I had decided that barbed wire pencils were a good direction in which the project should go, I had several iterations to explore all possible compositions.

Because of the gravity of the message, yet the simplicity of the imagery, I also added a universally known sign to symbolise the intangibility of education. This Restricted sign, in addition to the barbed wires, exudes hostility.

03 Fin

Visualising social issues is a strong way of communicating emotional depth. In the case of this project, that depth is the intangibility of education.